Dance Forms/Styles

   Dance classes aim to develop confidence, awareness and technical skills for the following dance techniques: Western and Southern African dance forms, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Urban styles. Dancers will develop their posture, flexibility, musicality and overall strength. The classes will teach dancers dance; combinations, routines, choreography.


 Classes and workshops focus on developing skills in the following: improvisation, devising scenes, voice techniques, character building and development, script work, monologues and audition techniques.


Singing classes and workshops develop strong technical vocal skills whilst encouraging individual and group confidence and style. Singers will learn to harmonise and interpret genres such as musical theatre,  popular music and contemporary jazz.  Performances include solo work, duets and ensembles.

Musical Theatre and Performance

 Musical theatre classes and workshops integrate theatrical performance combining song, dance, acting and physical theatre. Performers will develop focus, stage presence and awareness. Structured classes will train and develop skills for performance.

African Drumming and Singing

Drumming workshops with Western and Southern African master drummers teach hand and stick techniques for Djembe and Dundun drums.
Working as a soloist and within an ensemble, drummers will sing and learn varying polyrhythmic structures whilst developing an understanding for traditional and contemporary drum and percussion music. Classes develop cultural and social awareness, build self-esteem, discipline and commitment.

Audition technique

  Audition technique workshops will focus on developing skills and preparing for acting, singing, dance and musical theatre auditions.